Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cheers to the Beatles!

Who doesn't love the Beatles? My sweet Jordan for our first official date gave up his birthday present and asked his parents to get him tickets to the show Rain because he knew how much  I loved the Beatles.  HOW PRECIOUS IS THAT!  For those of you who enjoy the Beatles and have yet to see Rain, you should.  Rain is a Beatles tribute band.  They have everything down to the haircuts, costumes, and head bops.  Yes, I said head bops...there is actual footage playing in the background and if you look closely you will see they have studied their every move...its crazy!

Here is a picture from one of their shows

Now what made me want to write about the Beatles...why this Beatles Inspired weddings of course!
Click the link above to read all about it!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

VS Sports Teams-Pink Collection

This is when I am interested in sports:

1. Boyfriend is on the mound in his tight baseball pants
2. It is a live event
3. I can throw a party and socialize while the game is on instead of watching it
4. If TN, Detroit, Browns, or any other team I've become a fan of for Jordan is playing...
I just need the score at the end thanks ;)

Jordan is a HUGE sports fan, I'm pretty sure he would know the proper terminology for Jousting!  We spent ohhh about 15min Saturday night teaching me football...he was appalled when he said ok you see the quarter back? I replied (w/ no sarcasm) No... He instantly said what?! Then gave me a football lesson.

I'm getting better, I think?

If I could get all of the following as a gift, I will proudly wear them and partake in the sports viewing activities.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cheers to Staying Safe Ladies

It is a beautiful world that God has created for us to live in...unfortunately it can also be a scary world at times.  As women it is important for us to be aware and know how to protect ourselves in any situation.  I've taken one self defense class in my life and I actually learned quite a bit and would love to attend a refresher, can never hurt right.


What I learned
1. Be aware of your surroundings.  Look behind you, always keep one eye open.

2. If you are out and about, always look like you aren't distracted or over whelemed by the amount of bags you are carying.

3. Get in your car and go.  
Don't balance your check book, send a text message, listen to a voicemail...just go.

4. Keep your blinds closed at night.  People will try to learn your schedule.

5. A well lit house is a safe(er) house

6. Friendliness goes a long way

7. Law enforcement pepper spray is better than the kind you can find at CVS. I have the Fox Brand.

8. I also learned how to get out of a position if someone has me pinned to the ground...I can't remember how to though...eeek

Here is an article from Well + Good- 8 Smart Tips for Self Defense

Self Defense Tips:
1. Stay alert. Be aware of people near you and of your surroundings—in your home, on the street, at work, at school, and other places you frequent.
2. If you think you are being followed, try changing your pace or crossing the street. Do not lead a potential attacker to your home. Instead go to a store or another populated place.
3. You can choose to ignore or respond to a verbal harasser, depending on your comfort level. In either case, remain aware of the person or group. Take into account your potential allies in the vicinity, the environment (any safer places?), and your ability to physically defend yourself.

If you are attacked
1. Stay active and keep thinking, “What can I do?”
2. Yell and make a scene—attackers often expect us to be silent. Use a loud voice to draw attention and to let the attacker know you will not be an easy target.
3. Strike for the eyes, nose, throat, knees, groin—all attackers have vulnerable places on their bodies.
4. Use things you have with you (keys, pens, bags) or things you can pick up (garbage, rocks) as weapons or shields.
5. As soon as the opportunity arises, get away.
Have any of you taken a self defense class? What did you learn?

Friday, September 16, 2011


Yowza kids take a look at this article I found courtesy of

Gaining and losing weight is really about math. In order to lose a pound, you must burn or cut out 3,500 calories per week (500 calories a day). Unfortunately on the other side of the equation, if you consistently overeat an extra 500 calories each day . . . well . . . that's how you end up not fitting into your pants. Calories add up, and here is a simple breakdown to illustrate how easy it can be to eat an extra 500 calories in one day. Do this over the course of seven days, and you're bound to see the scale jump up one pound. 

  • One half and half container in your cup of coffee (20 calories): The same amount of skim milk is only six calories.
  • One small bite of a Krispy Kreme Glazed Doughnut (47 calories): Thanks to your boss for bringing in a box to share, and I know they melt in your mouth, but had you known that little bite was almost 50 calories, you may have passed.
Total Extra Breakfast Calories: 67

  • A 12-ounce bottle of Izze Clementine (133 calories): Sure, it's sparkling juice, but it contains almost as many calories as a Coke.
  • Half a tablespoon of chipotle aioli (flavored mayonnaise) on your sandwich (40 calories): It adds tons of flavor, but a crazy amount of calories too.
  • Half a cereal bar (75 calories): Your toddler didn't want it so you polished it off in one bite. Next time you might want to store it in a baggie for your little one for later.
Total Extra Lunch Calories: 248
I'm just getting started, so keep reading to find out how little bites throughout the rest of your day can tack on an extra 200 calories.

  • A bite of your hubby's cheeseburger (56 calories): You just couldn't resist taking a juicy chomp — who knew it was over 50 calories?
  • Five garlic croutons on your salad (50 calories): A fresh salad is a super healthy meal; it's the toppings that add on the calories.
  • A few french fries dipped in ketchup (48 calories): Instead of ordering a side of fries with your meal, you stole some off your hubby's plate. A few fries definitely add up.
Total Extra Dinner Calories: 154

  • Two Hershey's Kisses (44 calories): This calorie amount is much less than a bowl of ice cream, but definitely adds calories to your day.
Total Calories: 44
Grand Total Extra Calories: 513
Oh, those small bites of foods really do add up. If you eat extras like this all week long, you might find your jeans feeling a bit snug. Now if you're trying to slim down, you can see how cutting simple things out of your daily diet can help you drop a pound in a week and help you reach your weight loss goal. 

 Crazy Stuff huh!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cheers to Labor Day

How was your Labor Day?  Mine was fantastic! I hadn't seen boyfriend in 3weeks, I missed those snuggles.  Not onllyyy was it amazing to spend time with him, he also surprised me with tickets to see The Fray in 2 weeks! I can't wait :)

We also went to the Indianapolis was Jordan's first trip! Almost 23 and no zoo trip, poor guy

He loved it and I loved sharing it with him:) What are some of your favorite childhood memories? Or what are things you didn't get to experience and can't wait to give the opportunity to your own kids or what the heck be like Jordan and experience as an adult!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Before I started my current job, I was a full-time nanny for a precious little sweet pea.  From the time she was 2months old to 1 and a half.  I helped her start crawling, kissed her boo boos, rubbed her little leg after pokies (aka shots), cried with her when I couldn't get her to stop crying, helped her learn how to count to 10, and watched endless episodes of Dora the Explorer.  

She was my precious Lou Lee (what I called her).  I was able to visit sweet baby girl the other day, my grandmother and I met Lou Lee, her mom and dad for lunch. We Lou Lee walked in I was not surprised to see what I saw.  Little miss 3 year old diva walked in with sun glasses, a flower dress, fancy shoes, 3 bracelets on each arm, a necklace, a big flower head band, and a pink sequin puppy purse.

For her birthday I got her a dress up trunk complete with all the Disney Princess dresses, play jewelry, and a special Cinderella Crown because that's her fav :)  
Special shout out to Queen Bee MC for spotting it at Target!

The Cinderella crown was separate and fabulous!


She was always very shy around people, she liked to check them out and see if they were ok peeps.  I was so nervous after not seeing her for a year that's how she would be be with me.  She was timid for a second and then she remembered right away :)

Friday, September 2, 2011

It's Awkward and Awesome Thursday!! (a day late) I had it written out just never posted oopss

Spit attack in class I was exhaling during my work out yesterday...I exhaled a little to hard and spit everywhere...I was standing in front of a mirror and so was the whole class, I'm pretty sure everyone notice.

Dear Opera Lady, you may think you have a beautiful voice, but I promise no one wants to hear you sing as you shower in the locker room and then put on your lotion

Ta Ta tan know those great ones you get from your bathing suite top...HOT

I decided the other day that I would go lay out at the Country Club swimming pool...before I went I didn't plan on taking a nap and then start snoring. Thankfully I woke myself up immediately!

Have you ever taken a spinning class? I do every Tuesday and Thursday...well you sweat a lot in those classes.  In fact even my eyeballs sweat

I am finally organized..well almost :)
I found this amazing pink sequin backpack from Nordstrom...Lets just hope it comes back in stock ASAP
It has been 3 long weeks since I've seen my handsome, finally getting to see him and it's a long weekend!
I had a great conversation with my Dad...he seems to be positive which is good! Prayers it lasts

I finallyyy got my Bible Study work book

Spent some quality time with my GG :)

I don't want summer to end but I just love the new looks for fall!

I'm not sure why I haven't in the past, but I've finally started entering blog giveaways, I mean I have just as good of a chance of winning as the people who have won right!?

A girl was running on the treadmill in front of me earlier this week. As I'm rockin out to Girl Talk I all of a sudden hear clapping.  I look in front of me and see her clapping and cheering herself on.  Her clapping then starts to motivate me and I start going harder.  As she's getting closer to the finish she starts throwing her hands up and then once she's finished she claps and gives herself a pat on the back! I wanted to start clapping of her and yell out "you go girl!"  I have seen this woman kicking her booty to get healthy and in shape, girl has lost at least 20pounds since I've started seeing her.   I think we should all physically cheer ourselves on everyday!

Everyone be sure to link up with Sydney over at the Daybook for Awkward and Awesome Thursday!